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II. One Day

What happens in a boy’s life in One Day?

A whole lot of things—if you ask this four year old boy. A beach expedition, a mysterious falling star, a signal tower—for him, these are elements of a great adventure story.

But always in the background, there is something more. I use collage to illustrate the idea that reality is composed of layers—that behind that hill or behind that blue sky, another time dimension awaits, where the future resides. We once looked up at the stars to divine the future. How do we find this future now? Will there be a sign or a signal?

So in this boy’s story, I go backwards in time, combining autobiography and fiction in an attempt to answer these questions. Are there signs and signals—harbingers of what he will one day become.

FaceTime, 2015

Boy Running, 2015

Starting Block, 2015

The Balancing Act, 2015

Telescope, 2015

The Search, 2015

Forward, Looking Back, 2015

The Warning, 2015

Cloudburst, 2015

The Downpour, 2015

Departure, 2015

Wishful Thinking, 2015

FaceBook, 2015

Writing Stories, 2015

A Counting, 2015

Viewmaster, 2015

Sweet Dreams, 2015

Time Capsule, 2015

The City Sleeps, 2015

Message In A Bottle II, 2015

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