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I. Out of the Blue

Set in a quiet blue world, A Million Suns tells a story of one man's search for his future.

His high-pressure existence comes crashing down one day when he encounters a fissure in the ground. This discovery triggers a chain of events that will send him to the ends of the earth and force him to face what his life may or may not be.

In this story that fuses autobiography and fiction, I search for meaning and purpose in the face of an unknown future. In the beginning, we looked up at the stars to divine the future. How do we find this future now? Will there be a sign or a signal?

For this one man's quest, his life is about to veer off its projected course, into the blue world of A Million Suns.

Shouldering Sky, 2011

Doubt, 2013

The Office, 2013

The City, 2013

At Day's End, 2013

Sleep, 2013

John, Johna, Jonah, 2013

The River Crossing, 2013

Night & Day, 2012

Message in A Bottle III, 2013

The Fall, 2013

Rising, 2013

Adrift, 2013

The Unremembered Gate, 2012

Forest Grove, 2014

Illuminated, 2014

The Clearing, 2013

This Old House, 2012

Flashback, 2014

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