Yearn For The Vast And Endless Sea

Feb 9, 2015 / Photography / continuing education / image meaning

Two weeks ago, I spent five days with a group of artists during Mary Virginia Swanson’s Marketing Workshop and in discussions throughout the five days, it was clear to me that all of us were yearning for the vast and endless sea.

Thinking about this yearning and longing is interesting. Where does it come from? I have no idea. Some people might just be predisposed to seeking this type of experience. For me, yearning goes hand and hand with hope. And I’m all for hope in my work–that’s actually my goal in my images. If even one viewer comes away from viewing my work hopeful and optimistic about the possibilities in her future, I will have achieved what I set out to do. If another viewer asks himself, “What is my future? Who do I really want to be come? What is my purpose?” I will be ecstatic.

If you are dissatisfied with where life is headed, then make a small change–a small course correction. Over a lifetime, small changes can alter the trajectory and overall shape of a life. By way of the work in this website, I’m doing my small course correction. I’m still not sure where I’m headed, but I’m definitely yearning for the vast and endless sea.

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