The Poetry in Cryptocurrency

Jan 24, 2018(edit)

“You should invest in Bitcoin,” my nephew who’s a techie said this past November. I’ve never heard of bitcoin before. “How much is one coin?” “It’s like 10,000 right now.” “Well, I can’t buy one then, I don’t have 10,000 lying around.” I forgot about this conversation until a week later,… View More

Following The Threads of Your Heart

Jun 14, 2017(edit)

Before The Fall, recently released on amazon video and other streaming services, is a gay version of Pride & Prejudice. It’s worth a watch. Pride & Prejudice is a timeless love story written by Jane Austen over 200 years ago. It features two people from opposite sides of the social… View More

We Are Made Of Stars

Sep 8, 2014(edit)

I’m obsessed right now with the television show Cosmos. Netflix suggested it to me recently and I thought, “why not?” Is it a surprise that I got hooked on this show? It’s all about the universe. It’s all about stars. It’s also not a surprise since I’m attracted to works that create awe.… View More

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