All Mediums Are One

May 18, 2015(edit)

I went to a Michael Chabon artist talk recently at the University of Baltimore. My friend Kent loves Chabon’s work, and he suggested I go. I’ve only read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, which I loved, so I decided to go. The talk was going to be about writer beginnings, as in, where… View More

On The Importance Of The Future

Aug 14, 2014(edit)

“So” Sammy said. “So” “So that is not the question,” Joe prompted. “That’s what I’m saying.” “Continue.” They kept on walking. “How? is not the question. What? is not the question,” Sammy said. “The question is why.” “The question is why.” “Why,” Joe repeated. “Why is he doing it?” So goes… View More

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