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“Alexa, Start My Studio Session”

Apr 15, 2019(edit)

To increase productivity in the studio, I started looking at Alexa–the conversational, voice-controlled artificial intelligent assistant from Amazon. It’s amazing. I see how it could be useful for people. There is a magic to Alexa beyond the robotic voice. I’m using… View More

The 5 Second Rule

Jun 11, 2018(edit)

My latest experiment involves Habitica. It is a productivity app that is a role playing game. When you complete habits, daily tasks, and to-dos, you get points and progress through level–just like in a video game. You could also join groups (called guilds) and play together… View More

The 4 Tendencies

May 14, 2018(edit)

You know how you set up goals, write down a detailed implementation plan, and thenäó_you don’t do them? That’s me in my studio. At the beginning of 2017, I spelled out goals which I didn’t do. In 2018, I said I was going to focus on habits instead of goals. It’s now May, and I haven’t… View More

Asana: A Work & Artist Journal

Apr 7, 2017(edit)

At the start of the year, I wanted to become more productive in my studio. I was productive in my day job, but in my art? Not so much. I wanted to change that. So I went in search of something that would help me become more organized, both in my art and at work. A Paper Planner is Best I tried… View More

Evernote - The Ultimate Artist Journal

Feb 4, 2016(edit)

During my artist talk at Art Intersection, one gallery viewer asked if I use a journal to work out my ideas for A Million Suns. Of all the artist tools that I use, Evernote is one of the most important. I use evernote for practically everything: inspiration, image ideas that I want to work on, any… View More

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