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Formal Quality of An Artwork

Jul 13, 2017(edit)

Before art school I’ve never heard of this phrase: formal quality. “Formal” refers to the visual building blocks of piece of art that you are looking at. Form starts with dot, which when it moves leaves a line, which when it closes onto itself completes a shape. Form also includes things… View More

Art Words To Surprise Your Artist Boyfriend

Jun 7, 2017(edit)

In becoming an artist, you develop a signature style: a way of creating a photograph that identifies it as yours. A viewer looks at a photograph and concludes, “yes, this is Jonah’s work.”┬áIt’s like a fingerprint. Apparently, this signature style, also transferred at work, to my spreadsheets… View More

On The Importance Of The Future

Aug 14, 2014(edit)

“So” Sammy said. “So” “So that is not the question,” Joe prompted. “That’s what I’m saying.” “Continue.” They kept on walking. “How? is not the question. What? is not the question,” Sammy said. “The question is why.” “The question is why.” “Why,” Joe repeated. “Why is he doing it?” So goes… View More

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