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Apr 12, 2014 / Photography / news

The national, juried photography exhibition show entitled, Of Memory, Bone and Myth, is now up at the Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead, Minnesota. The show opened yesterday, April 11. I included a screenshot of my profile page from the museum website. The show features 40 works by 33 artists, and it’s great to look at all the work and dream. The mythological themes explored in this show are fascinating. That’s what gets me excited when viewing a photograph–how it has the power to point to something so much bigger than what is depicted in it. A photograph is simultaneously connotative and denotative. It’s magical.

[koken_upload filename=”example-of-float-mounting-for-a-million-suns.jpg” label=”example-of-float-mounting-for-a-million-suns.jpg”]

For an upcoming juried group show that starts April 11 at the Rourke Art Museum, I decided to try something different. I have been experimenting over the past year with how to best frame my prints, and I think I may have found the perfect method. 17 inches on the long edge, each image is float mounted on white art board with an overmat whose window is 1/2 inch larger than the print. As you can see, a classic black frame completes the presentation. I think this method accentuates the collaged nature of the work; there is a sculptural quality to this presentation that I really like.

I was also in a bind with the timing. My usual framing place was closed, and I had to get the framing done asap. A friend recommended going to a Michaels Arts & Craft Store. I didn’t know they did framing! John at the Michaels’ store at 3669 Boston St. in Canton was so helpful. They had software that simulated what the framing would look like with your choice of frame and mats. I’m very impressed with their service. The prints look fantastic. I’m definitely going back there again.

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