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On The Importance Of The Future

Aug 14, 2014(edit)

“So” Sammy said. “So” “So that is not the question,” Joe prompted. “That’s what I’m saying.” “Continue.” They kept on walking. “How? is not the question. What? is not the question,” Sammy said. “The question is why.” “The question is why.” “Why,” Joe repeated. “Why is he doing it?” So goes… View More

When Losing Is A Lot Like Winning

Aug 11, 2014(edit)

I’m happy to announce that I won third prize at the American Photographic Artists San Francisco (APASF) Curator’s Voice competition! The exhibition will be held on September 4-27, 2014 at the Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco. I’m pretty excited. Lately, I’ve been thinking about this process of… View More

Following the Path That is No Path

Aug 4, 2014(edit)

The nights of the King Arthur’s court were seated at a table and Arthur would not let the meal be served until an adventure had occurred. And, indeed, an adventure did occur. The Grail itself appeared, carried by angelic miracle, covered, however, by a cloth. Everyone was in rapture and then it… View More

APASF Exhibition

Aug 4, 2014(edit)

Two images from A Million Suns won third prize at the American Photographic Artists San Francisco (APASF) Curator’s Voice competition. The exhibition will be held on September 4-27, 2014 at the Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco. That’s near my school, Academy of Art University! An AMS… View More

Mind, Hand, Heart

Jul 28, 2014(edit)

I’m new to this artist thing: submitting to juried competitions, getting selected, exhibiting the work, hopefully inspiring a viewer, and selling a print. Everything is an adventure and a learning experience. Recently, one of my images got picked for the Maryland Federation of Art exhibition.… View More

David Hockney (Or How I Ended Up Doing Collage)

Jul 21, 2014(edit)

I kept seeing David Hockney the past two weeks: first, in the Departures magazine cover for July/August; second, as I was hunting for a book to bring to the beach; and third, in a poster at a bed & breakfast place in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! In honor of these coincidences, I decided to write… View More

Follow Stupid Ideas

Jul 14, 2014(edit)

In the process of creating art you develop mantras—things that guide you in art making. Here is one mantra: follow stupid ideas. Most of my images start out as stupid ideas. It’s true. If I’m working on an image, and I don’t think that it’s stupid at one point during the art making process, then more likely than not, that image will be dead on arrival (DOA).… View More

MD Art at College Park

Jul 11, 2014(edit)

I attended the artist reception for the Maryland Federation of Art juried competition on right now from June 25 through August 2, 2014 at The Art Gallery, University of Maryland, College Park. It was a great evening! The juror, Ann Shafer, Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs at… View More

How Do You Find What You Really Want To Do?

Jul 7, 2014(edit)

A friend and I decided to have lunch outside. It was nice out–something that will become increasingly rare as summer unfolds. My friend was especially reflective that day, and we got to talking about choices that he made in life. He felt that he hadn’t achieved anything worthwhile. He never made… View More

Top 5 Benefits of Getting an MFA

Jun 30, 2014(edit)

In my previous article, I talked about the pros and cons of getting an MFA. I only saw the cons. I didn’t really see any pros. In hindsight though, I think there are five hidden pros that didn’t occur to me that I now think are invaluable. Community You become part of a community going through… View More

Subscribe to the AMS Newsletter

Jun 18, 2014(edit)

I am an accountant turned artist. I was talking to a photographer colleague the other day about our plans for the future, and she said something that was interesting:Don’t do that. Just say you’re a photographer. It’s like you don’t know who you are. You are straddling the fence.äóùIn thinking… View More

Your Daily Photograph

May 14, 2014(edit)

Good news! Rising was accepted by, a resource for collectors of fine art photography. Subscribers to this service receive a daily message that offers a few different photographs for sale. The photographs are available for either 24 hours at the special price offered, or… View More

Rourke Art Museum

Apr 12, 2014(edit)

The national, juried photography exhibition show entitled, Of Memory, Bone and Myth, is now up at the Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead, Minnesota. The show opened yesterday, April 11. I included a screenshot of my profile page from the museum website. The show features 40 works by 33 artists, and… View More

Imagined Realities Photoplace Gallery

Feb 12, 2014(edit)

The Imagined Realities exhibition catalog from the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont is pictured above. Sleep was selected for the catalog. I was super-excited about this one as the competition was juried by Robert and Shana Parkeharrison. They are great influences in my own work. One thing that is… View More

Soho Photo Gallery New York

Nov 12, 2013(edit)

Jill Enfield selected This Old House as one of the images in the Alternative Processes Competition at the Soho Photo Gallery in New York. Opening night was November 5, 2013. Since New York is only a 2.5-hour Amtrak train ride from Baltimore, I went up for the afternoon and made an expedition of it.… View More

SPE Member Exhibition

Oct 21, 2013(edit)

For the first time, I went to a Society for Photographic Education Mid-Atlantic (SPEMA) Conference. It was held this year in Asbury Park, New Jersey. There was a juried member exhibition based on the theme “This Is Not Photography” and two images of mine were selected. This exhibition was… View More

Academy of Art University

Jan 4, 2013(edit)

I am currently taking my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Photography at the Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco, California. I’m almost done. Two more semesters, and I will hopefully graduate by May 2014. It’s been a long program (as I am working full-time and… View More

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