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Art Words To Surprise Your Artist Boyfriend

Jun 7, 2017(edit)

In becoming an artist, you develop a signature style: a way of creating a photograph that identifies it as yours. A viewer looks at a photograph and concludes, “yes, this is Jonah’s work.” It’s like a fingerprint. Apparently, this signature style, also transferred at work, to my spreadsheets… View More

Asana: A Work & Artist Journal

Apr 7, 2017(edit)

At the start of the year, I wanted to become more productive in my studio. I was productive in my day job, but in my art? Not so much. I wanted to change that. So I went in search of something that would help me become more organized, both in my art and at work. A Paper Planner is Best I tried… View More

Perseverance is Key: Q1 Progress Review

Mar 28, 2017(edit)

I’m on track for goal 1 (which is the most important). I’m behind on goals 2 and 3. So for Q2, I need to maintain progress on goal 1 and come up with a plan for goals 2 and 3. Hopefully, when mid-year evaluation comes around June 30, I will see an improvement. It’s Your turn How are you… View More

Changes at Work? Think Like an Artist to Beat the Anxiety

Mar 22, 2017(edit)

Is your company reorganizing? Do you have a new boss? Were you “volun-told” a new job? In my former work as a tax accountant and in my current job, I frequently experienced large scale changes. People always say the pace of change should be welcomed. It’s an opportunity, not a threat.… View More

Struggling To Define Your Goals? Try Your Unconscious

Jan 31, 2017(edit)

If you are still struggling with setting some goals for this year, because you can’t think of any, why not try your Unconscious? Your Unconscious already knows what you want to be. You just need to find a bridge between the two realms: the Conscious and the Unconscious. Until you make the… View More

Losing Your Way on Goals Already? How to Get Back On Track

Jan 22, 2017(edit)

With goals defined, how do I ensure that I’ll stick to them this year? I’m trying out 3 strategiesäóîbased on observation of my behavior from last year. For 2017, I will track time create habits, and just start. Tracking Time Gives Insight I started tracking my hours at work last year… View More

Big Picture Goals For 2017

Jan 16, 2017(edit)

After last week’s 2016 review assessment, I knew that I had to make a number of changes. I needed my goals to be SMARTer, simpler, and tighter. I wanted to focus on only my Top 3 goals. I also realized I had the tendency of being äóìin the forestäóù and äóìin the weeds.äóù I needed to… View More

2016 In Review

Jan 7, 2017(edit)

Happy New Year to you and onwards to 2017!P.S. If you would like to follow along and see how the next year unfolds (positively or negatively) with new artwork, new blog posts, and art events, then subscribe to my newsletter form below.… View More

Verve Gallery

Jan 2, 2017(edit)

Thank you to Jennifer Schlesinger for featuring my work at Verve Gallery. The show is up until the end of January 2017. If you are in Santa Fe, please drop by.… View More

2016 Print Sale

Nov 15, 2016(edit)

For a limited time only, two of my cyanotype prints are for sale at the website.… View More

Cartography of Dreams

Sep 24, 2016(edit)

The exhibition poster is out for this upcoming exhibition in the UK. I’m proud to be exhibiting with artists Fran Forman, Tami Bone, and Paul Biddle in the former home of Julia Margaret Cameron, one of the most famous 19th century photographers and a great influence in my artwork. The exhibition… View More

Emotions Not Required

Sep 15, 2016(edit)

So I just came back from a ten day art residency as inspired by my accountability partner Rachel Brask who did the same thing in July.I cleared the decks before I started this residency, but that didn’t work. The first day, Friday, August 29, I had to finish something from work so I ended up… View More

Nonstop Sleeping and Creating

Sep 8, 2016(edit)

I just finished a self-created artist residency and I’m back at work this week. I stopped posting to my blog, stopped checking social media, stopped everything and only focused on creating art.I planned for this residency and even prepared a blog post before it happened, but I forgot to post it. So… View More

Diffusion Magazine Feature

Aug 24, 2016(edit)

Finally opened this magazine today. Wonderful. Buy your Diffusion copy today.… View More

2016 Mid Year Review Report Card

Jul 17, 2016(edit)

This might be a good time for a mid-year review. I do this for work so I thought I’d do it for my art. It’ll give me enough time to course correct in the next 6 months. Also, public accountability is good. At the beginning of the year, I set the following goals: Do 4 photoshoots/per monthComplete… View More

Diffusion Annual Exhibition

Jul 16, 2016(edit)

Be inspired. Images from the Diffusion Magazine annual will be shown at A Smith Gallery. Buy your Diffusion copy today. This edition includes images of my work as well as an exclusive interview! Some images from the exhibition can be found at fotoseptiembre.… View More

UFOs and Carl Jung

Jul 11, 2016(edit)

“You should stop tweeting quotes from Carl Jung,” my partner says to me this past weekend. “Why?” I ask. “I think it’s great. My work is about self-discovery, so it’s fine to tweet about what I’m learning right now.” “Still, nobody’s interested in that. Do something else.” I sometimes wish… View More

An Infinity Within The Finite

Jun 25, 2016(edit)

Infinity is a concept that fascinates me. It fascinates a lot of people too. Publisher Blue Mitchell titled the newest Diffusion Magazine Lemniscate which is a symbol for infinity. Maria Popova of recently posted an article Infinity and Me: An Illustrated Parable at the Meeting Point of Science, Philosophy, and Love Converge.View More

Getting into New York Museums For Free

Jun 17, 2016(edit)

If you plan your visit to New York City to coincide on the first Friday and first weekend of any month, you can get into a lot of museums for free. Arriving Friday afternoon in New York, I was delighted to realize that MoMA is free Friday nights starting from around 5:30pm Neue Gallery on 5th… View More

2 Ways To Deal With Jealousy

Jun 10, 2016(edit)

There is a certain artist who fills me with jealousy whenever I see his work. I’m jealous of his success and his art. It’s not a nice feeling to have. And then the self-recrimination begins. You should work harder. Be more productive. Be more efficient. Be more ___. So I search my evernote for an… View More

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