The Unseen

Coronavirus spread throughout the world in weeks. Despite dashed borders separating countries on a map, the virus cared nothing of this fiction. If there is one thing humanity can learn from this virus, it is that we are global citizens—indistinguishable from one another. White, black, or brown—color does not matter. We live and die under the same blue sky.

Midway through the pandemic, racism flared up in the United States.

Racism is also a virus. And, it is worse than coronavirus. This endemic virus is airborne and transmissible through words, images, and inaction. Just like asymptomatic COVID carriers, people infected with racism don’t know they are infected. The virus does not live in the bloodstream where an antibody test can detect it. Instead, it lives in a person’s shadow.

Viruses cannot be seen, but they inflict inconceivable damage to all lives. This project is a work-in-progress and my visual response to unfolding events using photography, drawing, and the cyanotype process.

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