Connecting The Dots Through Art

Chinese Art, Two Museums

Precipitous Parturition (1999), by artist Chen ZhenAt the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

I was in New York for a day trip this past weekend to check out the Fuji GFX medium format camera. I’ve been obsessed with this camera for weeks, so I wanted to see how it actually felt in my hands. It fit perfectly. I think a GFX is in my near future.

Once I was done at B&H Photo, I took a side trip to the Guggenheim Museum. They currently have an exhibition entitled, Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World.

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Tibet with an iPhone

Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China

I’m not a travel photographer. When I go on vacation, I don’t bring gear with me.

I used to though. I used to bring a heavy camera, a tripod, backup drives, and batteries. At some point I stopped, as I spent entire vacations looking for shots instead of experiencing the vacations themselves.

So for the Tibet vacation recently, I didn’t bring gear except for an old Nikon 35 mm digital camera with one 50 mm prime lens. And even then, I didn’t end up using it. The camera stayed in the hotel unused.

The camera that’s used is the one that’s with you all the time, which in this case is the iPhone.

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Retirement Calculator for Artists with Full Time Day Jobs

After I stumbled into this idea of Financial Independence Retiring Early (FIRE), I became obsessed with creating a retirement calculator for artists like me who have a full time day job but want to do art full time.

How many years would it take to become financially independent so that you could retire from the day job and become an artist?

That’s the purpose of this retirement calculator.

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