Connecting The Dots Through Art

Retiring Early To Do Art Full Time

Holding Sky, 2011 Toned Cyanotype Print

So recently, I got obsessed with FIRE. Do you know what that is? It stands for Financial Independence Retiring Early.

I’m not sure how I got into this topic, but it had something to do with looking at my new artwork for the past six months and writing that mid-​year review blog post.

I’ve spent every weekend for the first half of the year on A Million Suns, trying to finish it, but when I first looked at the whole work-​in-​progress a few weeks ago, I got scared.

It just didn’t look good.

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"I'm Just Not Creative" Says the Robot

There was an article on hyperallergenic this past week entitled “Humans Prefer Computer-​Generated Paintings to those at Art Basel.” The article talked about a Rutgers study where researchers mixed up paintings made by Artificial intelligence (AI) and by Abstract Expressionist painters and asked people to choose images they preferred.

People largely preferred the computer-​generated ones and thought that they were creative.

I laughed. “Humans could be fooled” was my first thought. How could they not know?

And then I thought, some artists must be threatened by this. There would even be more competition. Artists will now be competing with robots for an audience!

So how did the AI learn how to create images?

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What is An Artist Mindset?

Compass, 2012Collaged & Toned Cyanotype Print

In this blog, I always talk about the artist mindset. I contend that if you adopt the artist mindset at work, you get better job performance and fulfillment. Work will never be perfect. If it were fun, then it wouldn’t be a job.

What does it mean to have an artist mindset?

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