Connecting The Dots Through Art

After 25 years as an accountant, Jonah Calinawan became an artist.

Welcome to A Million Suns, where Jonah shares his art and what’s he’s learning in the journey from the office to the studio.

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Writings From The Blog

2018 Non-​Goals

Last year I set out art related goals that I didn’t meet. I only met one of them. So this year, I have non-​goals. I’ll focus on process rather than the end result.

The Poetry in Cryptocurrency

Everyone is focused on the money making aspects of cryptocurrency when you hear of bitcoin millionaires and billionaires. That certainly is a draw. But what really got me excited were the myth-​making undertones in the cryptocurrency space.

2017 Year End Review

So at the beginning of the year, I set out goals that I wanted to complete by year end. How did I do?