Connecting The Dots Through Art

After 25 years as an accountant, Jonah Calinawan became an artist.

Welcome to A Million Suns, where Jonah shares his art and what’s he’s learning in the journey from the office to the studio.

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Writings From The Blog

Tibet with an iPhone

I’m not a travel photographer. When I go on vacation, I don’t bring gear with me. I used to though. I used to bring a heavy camera, a tripod, backup drives, and batteries. Nowadays, it just the iphone.

Retirement Calculator for Artists with Full Time Day Jobs

How many years would it take to become financially independent so that you could retire from the day job and become an artist? That’s the purpose of this retirement calculator.

What I Would Have Done Differently To Become An Artist

What would you change in your past to alter your future? I’ve been thinking about this question ever since I decided to retire early to do art. Here are some things I would change, and it’s not what you think.