My name is Jonah, and I’m an accountant turned artist behind A Million Suns. I create cyanotype photographs and write about the search for a meaningful life using art and positivity. On this journey, I hope to help and inspire you. I quit my day job in 2019. What door will open? Subscribe to updates.

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Man with Laurel Wreath. Toned Cyanotype with Drawing, 2020. Two sizes available. © Jonah Calinawan

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To complement my cyanotype photography, I blog to help and inspire. The latest blog excerpt:

The Power of Myth: Why It’s More Important than Ever

Metaphor Power of Myth Pyramid and Eclipse Sun and Moon seal eternity permanence
Eclipse. Collaged & Toned Cyanotype, 2020. Two print sizes. © Jonah Calinawan

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With the unmasking of systemic racism in our society, not just in policing, but in employment, housing, academia, and the list continue to grow every day, I keep thinking of a line in Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth book:

“We need myths that will identify the individual not with his local group but with the planet.”

We need a mythology of inclusion rather than exclusion. Unfortunately, mythology has always worked by excluding others.

This article goes into why that is and how an individual might change the mythology that he lives by. Consider this post a book review focused on mythology as applied to the systemic racism that is evident today.


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