Art for Connecting the Dots

After 25 years as an accountant, Jonah Calinawan became an artist.

Welcome to A Million Suns, where Jonah shares his art and what’s he’s learning in the journey from the office to the studio.

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Who Do You Want to Be

Connecting The Dots Between Work, Art & Life

Stop Using Color In Your Spreadsheets

Most people use color to beautify their spreadsheets and I recommend that you don’t do that. Why? If you’ve been following this blog series from the start. You know the answer already. It’s the data-​ink ratio.

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Create A Professional Looking Spreadsheet Using Art Principles

I started a series last year about improving spreadsheets using art principles, but I never finished it. Since this year I’m all about finishing what I started, coming up in February is the wrap-​up of this series.

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Struggling To Define Your Goals? Try Your Unconscious

If you are still struggling with setting some goals for this year, because you can’t think of any, why not try your Unconscious? Your Unconscious already knows what you want to be. You just need to find a bridge

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