Art for Connecting the Dots

After 25 years as an accountant, Jonah Calinawan became an artist.

Welcome to A Million Suns, where Jonah shares his art and what’s he’s learning in the journey from the office to the studio.

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Who Do You Want to Be

Connecting The Dots Between Work, Art & Life

Changes at Work? Think Like an Artist to Beat the Anxiety

I was thinking the other day, how would an artist approach change? Could we learn something from that? What happens in the artist studio that is akin to the pace of change in the business world? And could this analogy help us office workers in some w…

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How To Be A Star At Work

In Robert Kelley’s book, white space refers to the “gaps” between job titles in your department and your company. What is not getting done because it doesn’t fit within the official job responsibilities that people have?

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What Picasso Can Teach Us About Spreadsheets

Over 12 articles in this blog, we’ve been looking at how art principles can improve spreadsheets at the office. This article wraps it up with a 3-​step framework to bring it all together.

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